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Believe me, there was nothing I loved more than enjoying a glass of prosecco in the sunshine with my friends after a long week. I would never have classed myself an alcoholic or label my drinking behaviour as a problem; I was just what you’d expect from your average mid-20’s British girl.

I’m a happily engaged graduate, rocking a pretty successful career, and have the best friends & family I could ever ask for. But after a summer of partying, I questioned if drunk arguments, Friday night blackouts and spending my Sundays mornings hugging a toilet were really worth it. 

In September 2017 I decided to stop drinking and it has undoubtedly been the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve already learned so much about myself and alcohol on my journey to sobriety and I’m looking forward to living sober and my teetotal lifestyle.

Why I started a sobriety blog…

Hangovers, arguments and anxiety were among some of the reasons I opted for a 12-week detox (that would later be extended to ‘indefinitely’). They say when you give something up, you usually replace it with something else. In my case, I decided to begin reading more. Naturally, I started reading about getting sober, addiction, alcoholism and recovery. I was fascinated by the psychological and physiological effects of alcohol and oh boy, did I learn a lot.

The reality of alcohol is terrifying (other than the fact a glass of wine can have as many calories as a slice of cake, yikes!). Just head over to the government website and there are reams of statistics on the devastating impact it’s having on our society. A shocking 10.4 million adults in England regularly drink above the lower-risk alcohol guidelines, despite it being proven that alcohol is a factor in more than 200 medical conditions including cancer, heart disease and strokes. The cost of alcohol is a whopping £21 billion with £11 billion being attributed to alcohol-related crime. In addition to this, there are 17 million working days lost annually through absences because of drinking. These numbers are shocking but what was worse was that 194,706 prescriptions for drugs to treat alcohol dependency were prescribed in 2014.

But this is where things get interesting… 43% of young people, who drink alcohol, have reported that they are drinking to cope in some way, such as to cheer themselves up or to forget about problems; yet 83% of people don’t believe they have a problem with alcohol. These figures show us that our perception of alcoholism has clearly been distorted or we are in a serious state of denial. We live in a society where alcohol advertisements are shoved down our throats every single day, so I figured it was about time there was a space on the internet that supports the fact that it’s okay not to drink. Because, no matter your age, it really is okay. 

What can you expect to find?

Adventurous mocktail recipes that are 100% alcohol-free.

Tips and advice on living a sober life and alcohol recovery.

Delicious breakfast recipes for a hangover-free weekend.

Fun activities for the weekend without getting boozy.Ā 

Recovery and Living Sober blogsĀ 

I’m at the beginning of my sober journey but I’m super excited to connect with otherĀ alcohol recovery blogs, living sober blogs and sobriety blogs across the globe. If you’re getting sober and blogging about it too, get in touch and let’s stay connected. I’ve collated some of my favourites for the lurkers out there: