When I’m on a night out (Yes, that’s right – I hit the town with my girlfriends and don’t get drunk!) it can be a little bit boring always ordering the same thing. I spent evenings admire lavish-looking cocktails, not for the alcohol content but for the sheer tastiness; that’s when I decided to start experimenting with creating my own alcohol-free cocktails, yum!

Here’s a recipe for a mixed berry and basil sangria mocktail for you to try at home, perfect for when you’re having friends over! If you don’t have time to let the berries sit in the sugar, skip that step – it helps bring the juices out, but it’s hardly necessary. Serve in pretty glasses, with ice if desired, and spoons for scooping the berries out to eat. Ta-da!

Prep: 20 mins
Yield: Serves 6

What You’ll Need

1 cup raspberries
1 cup sliced strawberries
1 cup blackberries
1 tablespoon sugar
1 ½ cups white grape juice
1 ½ cups berry juice
1 (12-ounce) can of ginger ale


How to Make It

  • In a bowl mix together the raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and sugar. Let them sit at room temperature for 20 minutes. Transfer them to a large pitcher, and add the white grape juice, berry juice, and ginger ale.
  • Pour into glasses and serve.
  • Berries are in season in the summer months (June, July, and August), which means they are freshly harvested and super sweet. It’s the perfect time to enjoy them.
  • Other fruits that are in season during the summer include apricots, plums, cherries, nectarines, peaches, tomatoes, passion fruit, melon, lemon, and limes.


Tips for Mocktails in General

  • Make it fun and add garnishes, like fruit, peels, or herbs.
  • Use fresh ingredients when you can (like squeezing your own fruit juices).
  • Make it balanced and not too sweet. Some mocktails use simple syrup, but you don’t have to add too much especially if your other ingredients are naturally sweet.
  • You could experiment with different kinds of tea for flavour.
  • Add club soda, ginger ale or sparkling cider to make it bubbly.
  • Some great flavour ideas: muddled strawberries, pineapple juice, watermelon and mint, cucumber and mint. You can get inspiration from some of your favourite alcoholic drinks and copy their flavour combinations.
  • While you don’t need special equipment, using bar equipment (like a shaker or measuring cup) can make it extra fun.
  • Freeze unique ice cubes, by using juice instead of water in your ice cube tray. You can also freeze pieces of fruits into the ice cube to make the drink extra pretty and it gets more fun to drink as the ice melts.