Time is so precious, and after some advice from my ex-boss I’ve decided that I need to invest in more time for myself. The best things about giving up drinking alcohol is the amount of time I feel like I’ve gained back. I no longer spend all Sunday hunched over a toilet feeling sorry for myself, and so now I have the opportunity to use my time more wisely. 

I’ve decided to dedicate my summer to embracing the outdoors, getting healthy again and putting myself first. I’ve put together this blog post so that you can use these ideas instead of spending your weekend hungover, too:

Cycle around the coast

You might not want to walk or run around the local forest, but why not take the bike out for a spin? Getting fit is much more fun when you’re riding on two wheels. Biking is a great activity to get you healthy, and one that you can do almost anywhere.

Even on rocky terrain, you just need to be careful so you don’t hurt yourself. Get some mountain bike cover if you’re heading up the hills, and you’ll be protected if you do any damage to your bike.

Swimming in the sea

How much fun is swimming? You can do it in so many places as well. If you’re on holiday, you’ve got the luxury of swimming in the sea. I don’t why, but swimming in the sea is just so relaxing. When you get home, you can go to a number of swimming pools in the area that will be happy to have you.

Swimming is normally a low-cost activity (especially if you get in the sea!), and you can swim as much or as little as you like.

Taking up a new sport

One of the very best ways to get healthy without realising it is to play sports. There are not many people out there who don’t enjoy at least one sport. Enjoy soccer? Ask your friends for a kickaround at the local park. Or perhaps tennis? Join a local club and get started. They’ll normally have all the equipment you’ll need, and you might make some friends along the way.

Joining a dance fitness class

Dancing is a great way to get healthy. You can do it anywhere too. Dance in your home as regularly as you can, then go out with your friends and do it there. Don’t feel the need to pile yourself with alcohol if you’re in a nightclub.

Respect your desire to get healthy and enjoy dancing with others. Join a class like Zumba that’ll get you fit and help you meet others who want the same thing.